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Photo Murals: On Trend, Big Impact

Claes Oldenburg's "Cupid's Span" on the SF Embarcadero. Photo credit: Dean J. Birinyi

Claes Oldenburg's "Cupid's Span" on the SF Embarcadero. Photo credit: Dean J. Birinyi

I've always loved how photo murals can create a stunning focal point for any room with a very reasonable price tag.  As yet another tool in the interior design toolbox (or should I say another arrow in the quiver, given the photo above?), the photo itself sets the mood.  It can be sophisticated, playful, moody, Old World, modern, or grand, all depending on the subject and the scale.

They aren't hard to execute, but measuring properly is key.  All that's required is a hi-res photo in a layout format that is appropriate for the wall you wish to cover:  horizontal format if the wall is wider than it is tall, or a vertical format if the wall is taller than it is wide.  Then, upload the photo to a site like Murals Your Way along with your wall dimensions.  They will then print your image onto wallpaper sections for your wallcovering contractor to install.

I'm in the process of re-designing the guest bedroom in my own home, and wanted to use the above image by my photographer.  So we first converted the image to black and white because I'm going for a more modern, graphic look:


The image was converted to a mural which I then had my wallpaper contractor put up on the wall that will be the anchor for the bed.  Here's a quick slide show of that installation; click on the photos to see the progression:

Viola!  Nice job by @stuckupwallpaper!  Stay tuned for more photos of the finished bedroom!