Diary of a Designer Show House Entry

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Today I threw my hat in the ring to “bid” for a spot in the Peninsula Volunteers, Inc. Decorators Show House 2013.  The Woodside estate show house will be up and running during the month of May next year, with the proceeds going to PVI’s very worthy cause of providing services for local senior citizens.

Someone asked me what it’s like to put one of these proposals together and I told them it’s not unlike the new business pitches I often ran when I worked in the ad agency business:  you have to understand the “ask” and your audience, you have to quickly develop a concept, you have to put together a presentation that knocks their socks off, and then, if they ask you back to execute, you have to marshal lots of resources and manpower to deliver on the promise of your idea.

I submitted a board for a sunroom that contains a wet bar.  And my concept is a green take on a traditional sitting porch with a Far Eastern twist.  I imagine this is the space the residents would have their pre- or post-dinner wine or cocktails, catching up on the day’s events while relaxing in full view of the roses.  And rather than have lots of potted plants as many sitting porches do, two “living walls” would flank the seating area, bringing the outside in.

I won’t know until December 7 whether I’ve been chosen to participate, but here’s the board I submitted and a detail view of the concept drawing.  Wish me luck!

Chinoiserie goes green.

A detailed color sketch showing how the proposed furnishings and materials on the board work together.

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