Great Reds for Valentine’s Day

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Finding the perfect red paint color is akin to finding the right red lipstick:  tone is everything.  So in honor of the upcoming holiday, here are a some of my favorite reds from various paint manufacturers, along with a few great examples of interiors that use red in striking ways.  Got any faves of your own to share?


Really Reds

It’s certainly a statement color, but I think red can be quite elegant.  Like in this room:

Red accent wall

Photo credit:, Aquapark Homes, Chicago

Or how about just a touch of red in an otherwise all black & white scheme?

Red sink

Photo credit:

Or what about this fun mix of modern red textiles, a Chinese triptych, and the red lampshade all against a rich, peacock blue?

Asian red

Photo credit:, Elizabeth Bomberger

Be not afraid!  Red isn’t just for Valentine’s Day!

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